People put way too much stock into preseason football.

Rough day, car broke down in Benicia and had to have it towed back to Davis.


escape (the pina colada song) // rupert holmes

if you like pina coladas
and getting caught in the rain
if you’re not into yoga
if you have half a brain

This song has been stuck in my head since I saw Guardians last week.

So someone drew a heart with an arrow through it on my dirty car. I’m pretty sure I know who it was, but he vehemently denies it, so this is pretty puzzling.

I just realized Mike Trout is the successor to Tim Salmon.

Don’t you hate when people try to one up your problems. When you asked how I was doing, I didn’t really want to get into a who-has-shittier-life-issues-right-now pissing contest, but ok.

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